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Sending Orchids of high quality, or indeed any other flowers arrangement, is a personal and touching gift, whether it is for a celebration, or to comfort a bereaved person, to honour someone or just to say that you are thinking about them.

Never underestimate the importance of making your own personal choice of the flowers you send.

We prefer Orchids, but your tastes may be different.

Orchidia – The starting point for the Orchid Lover, with ideas, inspiration and news

A beautiful and timeless classic for true romantics, the Orchid nestled amongst luscious choice foliage, is a magnificent sight. Bursting with beautiful blooms, the orchid always creates a stunning display. Elegantly scented, a gift of an Orchid is a luxurious, Oriental and exotic grand gesture.

This website is indeed a tribute to this wonderful plant, and for all those who rightly adore her. We are amateurs and do not pretend that we have all the answers, nor that the advice we give is the very best. What we do offer is our experience of growing these plants, and our passion for them.

This site is not affiliated to the Orchid Society of Great Britain, we are simply Orchid enthusiast, like thousands of others, who hold this great society in the highest esteem. 

Did you know that as a gardener you can control when the seeds that you are growing will germinate. As funny as that sounds, you can fool some seeds to germinate quicker. But how? By creating the necessary environmental conditions for the best growth. It has howerver important to select the best products to get the desired results.

The Orchid Society of Great Britain (OSGB) was established in 1951 by John Blowers and in 2011 celebrated its 60th anniversary.