Orchidia The Orchid Lovers Paradise

Sending Orchids of high quality, or indeed any other flowers arrangement, is a personal and touching gift, whether it is for a celebration, or to comfort a bereaved person, to honour someone or just to say that you are thinking about them.

Never underestimate the importance of making your own personal choice of the flowers you send.

We prefer Orchids, but your tastes may be different.

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Flower Shows are the glamorous icons of the latest horticultural innovation, and are today outstanding in style and quality.

They have become inner city oasis’s, with diverse arrays of show gardens and spectacular plants from world renowned designers and nurseries. With sumptuous floral displays and getting inspiration and advice from the leading experts, flower shows have never been so popular.

Bursting with the latest garden fashions, when you go, be sure to take a little motivation home for your own garden.

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