Orchidia The Orchid Lovers Paradise

Sending Orchids of high quality, or indeed any other flowers arrangement, is a personal and touching gift, whether it is for a celebration, or to comfort a bereaved person, to honour someone or just to say that you are thinking about them.

Never underestimate the importance of making your own personal choice of the flowers you send.

We prefer Orchids, but your tastes may be different.

The meaning of an Orchid: Love, Refinement, Beautiful lady and Many children

The meaning of an Orchid:  Love

Because of its graceful beauty and refusal to grow anywhere but in a natural environment, and their need for especial care, there is no surprise that the orchid has become a sign of love and affection.

The exotic and beautiful orchid is rare and difficult to find. If you receive one as a gift, it is highly unlikely that the giver means that they want to be just friends.

The general rule, taken from the Victorian era,  to understanding the language of flowers is that the harder a flower is to find, the more affection and love it means.

The meaning of an Orchid:  Refinement

The orchid also means ‘refinement’ - Not only do you need to have a refined sagacity for flowers in order to nurture and grow an orchid, but the orchid is also exceptionally uncomplicated to crossbreed.

Orchid hybrids have been created on an almost daily basis and gardeners are still at it. This is the result of a constant impulse to try to further refine the orchid in order to create the single most beautiful flower in the world.

The meaning of an Orchid:  Beautiful lady

The style and fashion of the Victorian era gave rise to this meaning of the orchid as the ‘beautiful lady’. The popularity of the orchid and the fashion of dressing up as an orchid during this time was ‘tout le rage’, and the parallel between the women’s dresses of the time and the structured beauty of orchid are easy to see.

The meaning of an Orchid:  Many children

The orchid is also the Chinese symbol of fertility. There are a vast amount of different species of orchid and the Chinese believed that the orchid had a lot of different kinds of children, hence the meaning ‘many children’.