Orchidia The Orchid Lovers Paradise

Sending Orchids of high quality, or indeed any other flowers arrangement, is a personal and touching gift, whether it is for a celebration, or to comfort a bereaved person, to honour someone or just to say that you are thinking about them.

Never underestimate the importance of making your own personal choice of the flowers you send.

We prefer Orchids, but your tastes may be different.

News about new developments, innovations and discoveries in the world of Orchidia and orchid lovers

Commercial plant food manufacturers are very guarded against revealing the secrets of the formulas they use, but a clever team from Suffolk decided that if you can’t join them, then beat them.

It was recently announced that an enterprising company had developed Bio-Shield - an environment-friendly flower food able to combat MRSA.

Not only is it non-toxic to humans, but when diluted down, can keep a cut-flower bouquet alive up to 10 times longer than the usual garden-variety flower food stocked by florists.

 Scientific advances will undoubtedly prove a great boon to orchid lovers, but they’ll never be able to substitute what flowers like best: a little bit of tender loving care.

Tips and hints proliferate, but if you want your flowers to last longer, simply play the ideal host to your floral company by regularly changing the water, by re-snipping the stems and by removing wilted leaves every few days. You can also revive heat-exhausted blooms by placing the entire flower in a sink or bath full of cold water for an hour or two.