Orchidia The Orchid Lovers Paradise

Sending Orchids of high quality, or indeed any other flowers arrangement, is a personal and touching gift, whether it is for a celebration, or to comfort a bereaved person, to honour someone or just to say that you are thinking about them.

Never underestimate the importance of making your own personal choice of the flowers you send.

We prefer Orchids, but your tastes may be different.

Orchid Holidays to exotic tropical regions of Asia, Australia South America and Africa, the home of the orchid.

Orchids are by origin native to the exotic tropical regions of Asia and Australia, and first found in the mighty Himalayas and the balmy Philippine Islands. In Asia, the Chinese named them the ‘Butterfly flower’, an accurate and poetic description. 

The term ‘Phalaenopsis’ is derived from the Greek terms ‘phalaina’ and ‘opsis’ meaning ‘moth like’.

In humid temperate climates, particularly in tropical rain forests, orchids can be found growing on tree branches and between rocks, often near a source of water. They also grow in sultry grassland areas such as the pampas.

Keen orchid enthusiasts will enjoy travelling to South America, Africa, Asia and Australia to discover the roots of the plants they love. Good tours will always include visits to Peru to see Machu Picchu before proceeding down to southern Ecuador.